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LLC (ТОВ) “PROTON” is a company that has reccomended itself in the market of manufacturers of polypropylene containers and packaging. The scope of our products: chemical industry, food industry, construction industry and other industries. Kamyanske enterprise of Proton LLC is a full-cycle manufacturer and manufactures custom-made Big Bags, polypropylene fabric, multifilament thread of various modifications. 

Big Bag (also known as a big bag, sack or soft container) is a large-sized package for storage and transportation of bulk materials of various origins and complies with EFIBCA (European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association). The soft Big Bag container can be used for both food and non-food storage. Big Bag is a convenient package for transportation. To ensure airtight packaging of the cargo, containers can be supplemented with a polyethylene liner that matches the size of the container and meets the customer’s requirements. Our enterprise makes polypropylene bags from flat film polypropylene threads by the woven machine way. The initial raw materials are polypropylene brands A4 71e, 21030, 01030, superconcentrates of dyes, antisplit, polyethylene.

The presence of laboratory at our company allows to carry out quality control of raw materials, to determine load at break of polypropylene fabric on warp and weft,  bottom seam of the produced bag and also systematically control the quality of finished products.

The equipment of the enterprise and the high qualification of specialists allow to make bags according to the size and technical characteristics of the customer, to put screen multicolored printing of any complexity and configuration, to produce soft containers like “Big-Bags”. As a result, the best (according to the equipment suppliers’ assessment) factory for the production of polypropylene containers and packaging was built and equipped with the latest equipment “LOHIA STARLINGER LIMITED” under the license of the Austrian company “Starlinger”. The products manufactured by our company are standardized, certified and have hygienic conclusions.

Traditional technologies for the production of woven polypropylene bags intended for packaging, storage and transportation of bulk food products and food additives (flour, cereals, sugar, salt, grain, pasta, starch, etc.), construction and bulk chemical materials (fertilizers mineral and organic, pesticides, cement, chalk, lime, etc.), sleeve fabric with a double width of 0.30 to 1.0 meters, multi-filament yarn have also been mastered.

The production capacity of the enterprise allows to process more than 20 tons of raw materials per day.

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