Polypropylene thread (multifilament)

Proton offers high quality multifilament polypropylene thread.

Here are just a few features of this product:

    • the thread is made from polypropylene of the respective brand;
    • it can contain the UV stabilizer and be painted in any color in agreement with the customer ;
    • density ranges from 750 to 5000 denier;
    • breaking load is 3.5-5 m / denier;
    • relative elongation of the thread at a break is no more than 20%;
    • adjustable number of adhesions or twists.

Advantages of a multifilament thread:

    • resistance to changes in temperature and high humidity;
    • treated with special means to provide antistatic properties;
    • increased resistance to rupture;
    • resistant to alkalis, acids and solvents;
    • can be used on any bag sewing machines;
    • used in products for the food industry.

Multifilament polypropylene thread is a universal product that has a wide range of applications and is often used for:

    • production of bags and soft containers;
    • sewing of high-strength fabrics, polypropylene, linen and paper bags of any size and density;
    • weaving cords, slings, loops, ropes, special tapes used for pulling, tying, securing and packing goods, including building materials, boxes and more.