Polyethylene sleeve

A polyethylene sleeve is a product made of polyethylene film used for the production of polyethylene liners and other products. The polyethylene liners are placed inside the container (big bag, bags, soft container) to protect the cargo from moisture, dust, prevents the scattering of small cargo and also protects the cargo from damage.

The polyethylene sleeve is used everywhere. It is used in production and trade, on construction sites and agricultural lands. High-quality packaging and transportation of products is provided with the help of this material. It is also used to cover greenhouses and hothouses. Since it is completely harmless to humans, it can be packaging even for food.

Polyethylene sleeve is one of the types of polyethylene products. The polyethylene sleeve is created using the extrusion method on modern imported equipment. The polyethylene sleeve is essentially the primary product in the technological chain in modern polymer production. It is most often used for packaging of industrial goods, spare parts for cars, clothing, fabrics, plastic pipes, fittings, cases for various purposes, packaging for confectionery and other products.

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